Adding Turntable Images to the 3D Development App

In this guide you’ll learn how to upload 3D Turntable images generated in Browzwear’s VStitcher to your style’s 3D Development Pages in BeProduct.

You’ll need BeProduct Sync installed in order to upload your turntable images. If you don’t yet have BeProduct Sync installed, here are links for instructions for installing it on MacOS or Windows.

Initiating the Sync in BeProduct’s 3D Development App

  1. Ensure that BeProduct Sync is running on your machine.

  2. Open up the style that you’d like to work with and head to the 3D Development page.

  3. If you already have a version started, click on the Sync button in the right-side panel. (For more information on creating an initial version, click here.)

  4. A few moments later a window will open on your machine. If you had already uploaded a 3D file for the style, it will be present for you to open in Browzwear. If you didn’t already have a 3D file associated with the style, you’ll now copy the file into the folder that has appeared.

  5. Double click on the 3D file to open in Browzwear.

Generating Turntable Images in Browzwear and Uploading to BeProduct

  1. Once your 3D File has opened in Browzwear and you’re ready to create your turntable images, be sure to dress your mannequin and save and then click on the Camera/Render icon.

  2. On the Render window, ensure that the HTML Output Type is selected, select your colorways that you would like to render then click the Render button.

  3. Once the images have rendered, drag the turntable files into the Turntable folder that was opened after you clicked the Sync button in BeProduct.


  4. Next, right-click on the Browzwear file and select the “BeProduct: Send to Style Folder” option from the menu.

  5. In a few moments, a new version will be created on the 3D Development page with your turntable files as well as any changes you may have made to the 3D File. C’est fini--all done!

Note that selecting many colorways and many angles for your turntable files may result in more data to upload, leading to longer upload times. The 3D Development page will automatically refresh with the new version once the upload is complete.