Installing the BeProduct Sync Illustrator Plugin

Our BeProduct Sync Illustrator Plugin can save you a lot of time by streamlining the process for uploading new images or updating existing images in BeProduct by providing you a BeProduct Sync button directly in Illustrator. Check out the guide below to get started.

Note that BeProduct Sync is required to use the Illustrator Plugin. Use the following links to find instructions and the installation files for Mac or Windows.


  1. Download the ZXP Installer by clicking here and then follow the prompts to install.

  2. Download the following BeProduct Sync Extension plugin file:

3. Open up the ZXP Installer application that you installed in step 1 above.
4. Click on the Install button in the ZXP Installer application and then locate the BeProduct Sync Extension file and select it to install.
5. Restart Illustrator if you had it open already and then go to Windows->Extensions in Illustrator and select BeProduct Sync.

For more information on using the BeProduct Sync Illustrator Plugin, click here for a quick guide.