Using the BP Sync Adobe Illustrator Plugin

The BeProduct Sync Illustrator Plugin streamlines the process for updating images in BeProduct by giving you a Sync button directly inside of Illustrator! You can find instructions for installing the plugin here.

Note that BeProduct Sync is required to be installed for the Adobe Illustrator plugin to work properly. Click to find instructions for Mac or Windows.

The Adobe Plugin for BeProduct Sync will work the same for editing all Adobe Artboards whether they are from the Style, Material or Image Folders. In this guide, we will be using Style Folder Artboards to demonstrate the functionality.


  1. Open the style, which you would like to edit and click on the Sync button from the right hand window.


  2. A window will pop open with the newest version of the style’s AI file. Click on the file to open the file in Illustrator.


  3. Once you have made your changes simply select Sync from the BeProduct Sync extension. This will automatically sync the style back


    1. If you do not see the BeProduct Plugin in your extension bar you can find it by going to Windows->Extensions in Illustrator and select BeProduct Sync.


Note that you can also use the BeProduct AI Plugin with brand new sketches that are not yet in BeProduct. To do this, simply click on the Style, Image, or Material Icons for a new image and the image will be sent to BeProduct, allowing you to select it from the BeProduct Sync menu when creating new images.