Release 1.2

The primary focus of this release was around the new Line Sheet folder with enhancements in other areas of the system to support this new module. Additional improvements include the Copy Page functionality and the introduction of Public APIs for integration with the BeProduct solution.



  • Line Sheets (Beta): Introduced in this release is a new Line Sheet folder that allows users to group styles into visual Line Sheets. This module is still in beta and will have incremental improvements to its functionality in the upcoming releases.

  • Directory Folder Invitations: A user with access to the Directory Folder now has the ability to invite directory contacts to create a BeProduct account in order to share data and collaborate.

  • Copy Page: With this release, users have the ability to copy data from individual pages or apps, in addition to the existing ability to copy an entire set of data such as a style or material.

  • Public APIs: Customers can now build their own integrations into the BeProduct solution by consuming our secure and robust set of Public APIs.



  • The Auto Header Number generation logic has been updated to allow for the setup of an initial increment value and to support a business need to recycle values.

  • Updates were made to the Print Preview pages to improve formatting and consistency across available print options.



  • Fixed bug where newly created roles were not appearing as options to assign to a new user account.

  • An update to the BeSnap mobile app was uploaded to the App Store with some minor bug fixes.