Release 2.0

Welcome to BeProduct 2.0 with many new features and enhancements to enrich your BeProduct experience.

As part of this new release we have introduced a refreshed user interface for a cleaner and optimized look on smaller screens, mass share with external partners and new features in both measurements and sample requests to name a few. Additional system-wide architectural enhancements have also been made to improve upon the performance of the system.



  • User Interface Refresh: Many updates have been made to the BeProduct user interface (UI) to give the system a much cleaner look and also to improve the usability of the system on computers with smaller screen sizes. These UI updates include the following:

    • Users are now able to hide the Action panel that appears on the right side of the page.

    • All the buttons on the Action panel have been changed to a square shape allowing for more buttons to fit easily on the panel.

    • The Revisions panel is now accessed by clicking the Revision icon at the top of the Action panel.

    • The Tasks panel has been updated with a new layout.

    • All methods of adding images to a page have now been consolidated into a single Add Image button. When clicked, an Add Image panel will slide out showing the options for file upload, BeSnap upload, DropBox upload, selecting from image library and selecting from artboard images where appropriate.

    • When uploading files on the new Add Image panel, a progress bar will appear for each uploaded file to indicate how far along each file has gotten in the upload process.

    • Optimizations to page layouts have been made to reduce the amount of unnecessary scrolling across the system.

    • The Tech Pack page has been updated with a new layout on the Create and Edit Tech Pack panels, with improved accessibility for creating new tech packs.

    • Icons throughout the system have been updated to improve consistency and to better represent the specific area or functionality.

  • Measurement App Enhancements: Updates have been made to the Measurement app, primarily to improve its integration with the Sample Request app. The Measurement app enhancements include the following:

    • Users are now able to see the progression of changes to the measurements of a style through the sample evaluation process. This is achieved by displaying a measurement column in the Development Spec for each type of sample you evaluate as you update measurements. Users can also switch active measurement values between these columns as well.

    • Users are now able to access sample request pages while on the measurement page in the style.

    • Users can now use BeSnap upload to add images to the Technical Sketches tab in the Measurement app.

    • When copying measurements from another style, the system will now copy the values from the active measurement column in the source style to the initial measurement column in the destination style.

    • When creating tech packs, users can now choose which specific measurement pages (Development Spec, Graded Spec, Grade Rules or Technical Sketches) they would like to add to the tech pack printout.

  • Sample Request App Enhancements: Updates have been made to the Sample Request app to improve its integration with the Measurement app and to be able to capture more information on each sample submit. The Sample Request app enhancements include the following:

    • Custom fields that are added on a Measurement app can now be pulled into the Sample Request app as well.

    • Like the vendor measured column, a second column can also be added to capture customer measured sample values.

    • Users can now update the label for each submit.

    • When selecting the “Resubmit” status on a sample submit, a Resubmit Due Date field will appear allowing the user to specify the due date for the next submit.

    • An “All Submit” print option has been added allowing users to generate a single document with all submits in a Sample Request app along with the respective fit comments.

    • Submit status and the most current due date now print on all print options specific to each submit.

  • Mass Share: Users now have the ability to share color palettes, images, materials and styles with external users in mass. Sharing is done separately for each company in the Directory folder.

  • Style SKU App Template: With this release, admins can build SKU level apps that will allow users to capture data for styles at a size and colorway level.

  • Hide Colorways: Users can now choose to hide colorways in styles and materials similar to hiding sizes. Hidden colorways will not appear in BOMs and will not print out in tech packs or be available to use in other parts of the system such as Line Sheets and Tracking.

  • Master Attributes On Select Panels: With this release all panels where users are able to select images, materials or styles to either add to or copy from, now display the same master attributes, on the card and list views as well as the advanced search, as they do in the Image, Material and Style folders respectively.



  • If a user attempts to login using the same BeProduct account from a second computer, the system will now display a prompt asking if the user would like to end the session on the other computer and continue with the login. Choosing to continue will automatically logout the user from the other computer.

  • The delete button in all color palette, image, material and style pages, except for the Attributes and Artboard pages, have been relabeled to “Reset Page” as it only clears data in the particular page the user is on.

  • When a user removes a material from a Bill of Material app, so long as that material is not used in a different Bill of Material app within the same style, it will also automatically be removed from the BOM Details apps in that style.

  • If either an internal or external user has access to a BOM Detail app, they will now be able to see all the materials added to it even if they don’t have permissions to access the materials themselves.

  • The Revised column that currently exists in the Measurement app will no longer appear for all newly created styles going forward. This is because the columns added through the Sample Request apps will take its place.

  • If sample submits have already been created for a style, a user in the Measurement app will no longer be able to import a new excel file, copy measurements from another style, or reset the page. To proceed with any of these options, the user would first have to delete all sample submits and then try again.

  • Continued optimizations have been made to the underlying architecture of BeProduct to improve upon the performance of the system.




  • Fixed bug with rounding of imperial values entered in Measurement and Sample Request apps.

  • Fixed bug with custom field column widths on Sample Request app.

  • Fixed bug with batch update of material info across all style Bill of Material apps.

  • Fixed bug with copy from button in List apps.

  • Fixed bug causing the color library panel to not display when trying to add colorways to a style from Tracking.

  • Fixed bug with the copy and paste image feature in BeProduct.

  • Fixed bug causing unnecessary wrapping of text comments in the Sample Request fit comments printout.

  • Fixed bug with grid not holding changes made to POM code and description in Measurement app.

  • Fixed bug that does not show correct field names for header number and header name when in a specific folder.

  • Fixed bug with tracking caused when edits are made to both the timeline and timeline setup at the same time.

  • Fixed bug with the save button on the style timeline panel in Tracking.