Release 2.5

The primary focus of this release was to provide the ability to auto generate fit comments and to create Form & Grid and PO apps in the system. Additional enhancements include the ability to create directly from the quick launch tool, ability to view thumbnails on master folder list views, and the ability to configure list view column widths.



  • Auto Fit Comments: With this release, users can now generate text fit comments for each submit in the sample request app by clicking a button. These comments are based on the measurement values that the user enters and they populate a comments column that can be enabled by an admin of the system.

  • Form & Grid App Template: With this release, an admin can create apps containing both a configurable form and a configurable grid on the same page.

  • Purchase Order App Template: With this release, an admin can create purchase order style apps. These apps are very similar to the Form & Grid apps mentioned above, but with the added ability to show columns for each size dynamically based on the available sizes in the style.

  • Create Button on Quick Launch Tool: In addition to navigating through the system, users can now create new color palettes, images, materials or styles directly from the quick launch tool.

  • Column Width Field Property: With this release, admins can now configure the default column widths for all attributes appearing on list view grids.

  • Thumbnails on Master Folder List Views: Users can now see a thumbnail of images, materials and styles while in list view. Clicking on any thumbnail with display a larger image on the page.



  • When hitting the Enter key while editing a value in the Measurement, Sample Request and Size Run Sample apps, in addition to setting focus on the cell below, the system also highlights any existing values.

  • External users no longer have permissions to be able to use the BeSnap mobile app.

  • An attribute for Fax Number has been added to the external Company Header properties in Directory.

  • The Type field for all Add-Hoc materials in BOM apps now defaults to “Add-Hoc”.

  • When creating a material using a Vizoo xTex file, the file name of the file is now used to populate the Material Name if empty.



  • Fixed bug with revisions tab in Tracking not filtering based on user permissions.

  • Fixed bug with All Submit print options for Sample Request apps.

  • Fixed bug with printing of Partner Dropdown values in Line Sheets.

  • Fixed bug with uploading of images using BeSnap.