Release 2.11

The primary focus of this release was to provide additional configurability at the master folder level and improvements to the Sample Request app. Additional enhancements also include added delete verification and support for new field types in Line Sheet printouts.



  • Set Default Field Names for Header Number & Header Name: With this release, admins are able to set the default field names for the Header Number and Header Name attributes by master folder.

  • Default Size Range by Style Folder: Admins can now set a default suggested size range by style folder.

  • Vertical Scrolling for Drag & Drop Sorting: With this release, when a user tries to drag & drop sort a row on a grid, the grid will scroll vertically as the user drags the selected row to the top or bottom of the grid, on screen.

  • Detailed Auto Fit Comments: With this release, an admin can choose between regular and detailed auto fit comments, when setting up a Sample Request app. Detailed comments will auto generate POM Comments for every POM where the measured sample value is different to the requested measurement for that submit, regardless of tolerance.

  • Graded Spec values in Sample Request Apps: With this release, users will now see the graded spec values as superscript text on the Grade Rules tab of the Sample Request apps.

  • Visible Submit Statuses on Sample Request apps: Submit statuses are now directly visible on the page in Sample Request apps without having to open the submit panel. Sample statuses are also color coded to add additional emphasis to certain statuses.

  • Added Verification for Deleting Master Folder Items: With this release, when a user attempts to delete a master folder item (such as a style or material), the system now requires the user type out the word “DELETE” in order to verify that this action is intentional.

  • Support for Partner Dropdowns and Multi-Select Dropdowns in Line Sheet Printout: With this release, both Partner dropdown and Multi-Select dropdown field types are now supported on Line Sheet printouts.



  • When creating a new Material, the system will no longer add a default One Size to the new material record.

  • The using Adobe Illustrator artboards, the Page Tags that work with the .ai integration are no longer case sensitive.

  • Tech Pack naming convention in Batch Tech Pack has been updated to be consistent with the creating of tech packs in the style Tech Pack app.



  • Fixed bug with task links sent through email notifications.

  • Fixed bug with Bill of Material app printouts in tech packs.

  • Fixed bug with Bill of Material app grid alignment.

  • Fixed bugs with Batch Tech Pack around advanced search and page performance.

  • Fixed bug with Sample Request app forcing user to save before navigation between tabs.