Release 2.2

The primary focus of this release was to introduce the ability to mass add and remove materials from BOM apps as well as the ability to define tech pack templates to make tech pack creation much easier. Additional enhancements include print layouts with shortened headers, AI keyword tagging on BeSnap uploads and a new Colorway data control. 



  • Mass Add Materials to BOM Apps: With this release, users have the ability to mass add a material to BOM apps in the style, by going into the Material Where Used page of the material.

  • Mass Remove Materials from BOM Apps: With this release, users also have the ability to mass remove a material from BOM apps in the style, by going to the Material Where Used page of the material.

  • Tech Pack Page Templates: Administrators of BeProduct can now create templates for different types of tech packs with the pages and default print layouts defined. This will allow a user to select a template when creating a tech pack to specify the pages to print, rather than having to select them individually each time.

  • Print Layouts with Shortened Header: When creating tech packs or printouts of apps in BeProduct, the user has the option to pick print layouts that contains a minimalistic header, leaving more room on the page for app data on the printout.

  • Create Tech Pack for External Users: With this release, external users who have print permissions enabled for a style folder will now be able to create their own tech packs from the pages in the style that are shared with them.

  • AI Keyword Tagging for Images Uploaded from BeSnap: The artificial intelligent keyword tagging, introduced in the previous BeProduct release, is now supported on images uploaded using the BeSnap mobile app.

  • Colorway Data Control: With this release a new Colorway data control has been introduced, allowing administrators to add dropdown fields to apps, where the available options for these dropdowns are pulled directly from the available colorways in the style or material.



  • The Style Plan and Material Plan grids in Tracking now display a thumbnail image with the ability to see a larger representation when you hover over the thumbnail.

  • The feed on the Product Wall for an external user now only shows tasks that are assigned to that user and revisions that are entered against pages that are shared with that user.

  • Performance enhancements were made to the Colorways tab of the BOM apps.

  • When an image is uploaded to a colorway that already has a colorway name and number, the existing name and number values now remain unchanged.



  • Fixed bug where duplicate instances of measurement pages were appearing in tech packs.

  • Fixed bug with the auto assigning and replacing of images in the Measurement apps when uploading new artboard image versions.

  • Fixed bug when filtering on multi select dropdowns in reports.

  • Fixed bug with the quick search on the add style panel in Line Sheets.

  • Fixed bug with AI keyword tagging when uploading large image files.

  • Fixed bug with the generation of image previews when excel files are uploaded into List apps.