Release 2.7

The primary focus of this release was around the implementation of a new Batch Tech Pack feature in BeProduct. Additional enhancements include the ability to identify the material image that gets pulled into BOM Detail apps and the ability to mass update data items with any changes to a Label field formula.



  • Batch Tech Pack: With this release, users are now able to generate tech packs for style in mass using a new Batch Tech Pack feature found under the development section in the menu or by navigating to it using the quick launch tool.

  • BOM Detail App Material Image Selection: With this release, an admin can choose if a BOM Detail app pulls images from the main image of the material or the detail image of the material.

  • Update Button in Label field properties: With this release, when an admin adds or updates the formula of a label field in a folder, the admin could now apply the formula to all existing data by clicking on the update button which is available in the Label field’s properties panel.



  • The minimum required Auto Incrementing Number as part of the header numbers has been reduced from 4 digits to 3 digits.

  • The Email Notifications received when a page is shared with an external user, now have an updated layout with more information about what has been shared and easy access to the shared page.

  • When Sharing pages with an external company, the list of companies available to share will not show companies with whom the page has already been shared with.



  • Fixed bug with request app data getting copied over when a style is duplicated in tracking.

  • Fixed bug with colorway pitching in BOM apps.

  • Fixed bug with BOM Detail app content not getting shared with external users.

  • Fixed bug with main images in styles being replaced.

  • Fixed bug with copy and paste on Spreadsheet apps.

  • Fixed bug with the import of excel templates into the Measurement apps.