Release 1.9

The primary focus of this release was on implementing a new calendar layout for the BeProduct Tasks folder. Additional enhancements include a new Dimensions app and usability improvements. 



  • Tasks Calendar Layout: The Tasks folder in BeProduct has been updated with a new Calendar Layout allowing users to view and manage tasks similar to how they would manage Outlook or Google calendars.

  • Dimensions App: Users can utilize this app to free type information by product size on a spreadsheet style grid.



  • Clicking on the Print Preview button on a page would now save any changes made to that page before generating the selected print preview.

  • The field height for Multi-Select dropdowns has been doubled to give more space for displaying selected values and also to allow for vertical scrolling if needed.

  • The print preview for Grid apps has been updated to enable the auto scaling of row heights to fit the wrapping of text as needed.

  • The maximum upload file size has been increased to 1GB.



  • Fixed bug with Sample Size dropdown in measurement app that prevented users from changing sample size.

  • Fixed an alignment issue with the material and colorway grids in BOM apps.

  • Fixed bug with Spreadsheet app print previews.

  • Fixed bug where modified timestamp was not updating when a new Illustrator Artboard image version was uploaded.

  • Fixed bug that caused main images with edits using the built-in editor to not display the correct version of the image.