Release 1.18

The primary focus of this release was on implementing Notifications with updates to Tasks throughout BeProduct to support this new feature. Additional enhancements include the ability to copy and paste content directly onto the browser and PDF file compression.



  • Notifications: With this release, users are now able to view all task notifications received within BeProduct on a single page. Visibility to new notifications is provided through a notification button and popup on the header bar at the top of the page.

  • Copy & Paste directly onto the Browser: With this release, users can copy images and content from other websites and apps and paste it directly into any create new page or upload image panel in BeProduct.

  • PDF File Compression: All PDF tech packs and print previews generated through BeProduct are now compressed, thus reducing the file sizes significantly.

  • Email Notifications (Beta): Users are now able to send email notifications of tasks to assignees and participants of a task.



  • Comment, likes and revisions on items in a folder will now appear on the Product Wall, only if the user has access to that folder.

  • The default page that loads when opening a Plan in the tracking folder is now the Style Plan page.

  • The first data column on all BOM apps is now frozen on the grid and visible always when scrolling horizontally.

  • The Suggested Size Range functionality is now available for use when creating a new style from a Plan in the tracking folder.

  • The Revisions app now displays and prints revision entries in the order in which they were created with most recent revision appearing first.

  • The Today’s Tasks section on the Product Wall has been modified to show all Late Tasks.

  • Users can now differentiate between assignees and participants when creating a Task in BeProduct.

  • Underlying architectural upgrades have been made to improve system performance.



  • Fixed bug with page print order on tech packs not sorting correctly.

  • Fixed bug with comments tab in Sample apps not defaulting to the correct submit.

  • Fixed bug with comments tab in certain Sample apps not loading.

  • Fixed bug with sorting of materials in BOM Details apps.

  • Fixed bug with assigned tasks not appearing on a page’s tasks panel.

  • Fixed bug with the print preview for Text & List apps.

  • Fixed bug with percentage field rounding in BOM costing.

  • Fixed bug with uploading of high resolution TIF images.