Release 4.7

This release introduces a couple of new features to help you streamline your work--the ability to copy a Bill of Materials to or from another style without copying colorways and also a better way of entering attributes for images when uploading multiple images at once. Read on for more details.


  • Copy Bill of Materials without Colorways: Users can now copy a Bill of Materials from one style to another without copying the colorway info. After selecting a style’s BOM to copy from/to, you will now see a checkbox to select whether or not to copy colorways.

    • Note that this checkbox can be configured by an admin to be checked or unchecked by default, so you can tailor this to your workflow (aka, fewer clicks!)

  • Updated Attributes Grid for Multi-Image Upload: The attributes grid displayed when mass uploading images in the image folder has been updated to allow for easier editing.



  • When copying a Bill of Materials from another style, you can now select which specific materials you would like to copy.

  • Users can now enter 4 decimal places when entering measurements on the Measurements App.