Release 4.10

Hey there! We've got some cool updates and improvements in store for you with this release. Check out the details below:



  • Sorting Sizes after Sampling Begins: Now you can switch up the order of sizes even after you've started sampling (as long as you're not using Block). This tweak is available in Measurement Apps (sorry, not in Attributes or SKU Apps). All grading stays as it is.

  • 3D Style App Download Options: We've made downloading 3D renderings in the 3D Style app a breeze. You can now pick and download all the images/files for a single colorway or all of them at once.

  • Hide Images on Boards: Users can now hide images for styles and materials in Boards, allowing labels to appear with no images.

  • Grid App Templates: When setting up Grid apps, you can now create templates with default rows and values. It's all about saving you time.



  • When you open Messages and Tasks for 3D Style pages, you'll find yourself in Reply Mode right away. Faster comments, anyone?

  • Moving styles or materials in the Tracking folder is now open to those with Modify and Full permissions. No need for Delete permissions anymore.

  • When you change colorway names and numbers for material records, any style Bill of Materials (BOMs) using that material's color will get updated too.

  • You can now use FBX files in the 3D Materials app. More options, more fun!

  • In the Style Sets app, you'll see the full size class name and sizes in the size column.


Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed an issue where searching using Content/Composition field types wasn't working. It's smooth sailing now.

  • No more trouble re-adding contacts/external users in the Directory after deleting them. It's a simple process again.

  • Tooltips for certain field types in Tracking folder grids are back in action. Handy as ever.

  • The "Number of Submits" in tracking timelines is now on point for all sample types.