Release 3.7

For v3.7 we’re introducing some major quality of life improvements in the Tracking Folder. Information can now be directly entered into the grid, colorway level fields can now be added to timelines, and much more!



  • Editable Tracking Grids:

    • Timeline and View grids in tracking can now be edited directly, without having to right-click and open the Batch Edit form! After editing info in your grid, a red marker will appear to show you unsaved changes. When you’re ready to save, simply click on the Save button in the right-side button menu.

    • For Dropdown menus, double-click the cell to open the dropdown list.

    • Copy/Paste now supported, allowing you to quickly copy/paste info in your tracking folders.

    • Fields that are non-editable, such as Colorway and Size names, will appear in light grey.

    • Cascading Dropdown Menus now supported in tracking grids.

    • Drag handles in bottom-right corner of cells to populate subsequent cells in tracking grid--just like in your favorite spreadsheet app!

  • Colorway-Level Fields in Tracking Timelines: Colorway-level fields can now be added to Tracking Timelines.

  • Editable Colorway-Level Fields: Users can now edit style and material colorway-level fields on tracking timelines and views, making it even easier to enter colorway comments or to maintain colorway-level data for your products.

  • Improved Visibility for Hidden/Inactive Records: Inactive Colorways, Sizes and Partners now appear in dark grey on the tracking grid, allowing you to quickly see sizes or colors that you may have dropped.

  • List View Added to Add Available Styles Screen: We’ve added a list view to the Add Available Styles screen, allowing you to see more product information and more easily select groups of styles or materials when adding to your tracking folder.

  • Mass-Duplicate Rows in Tracking: You can now duplicate more than one row in tracking at a time! The Duplicate option now opens an intermediate screen after selecting rows and using the Duplicate button. This intermediate screen will allow you to select exactly which colors/sizes you’d like to duplicate, as well as add Partners for the new rows.

  • Go To Tracking Button: Added a Go To Tracking button to Material and Style Attributes app to allow you to easily navigate to tracking folders from within the style.


  • Date fields on tracking timelines can now be sorted by clicking their column headers.

  • When searching by the Assigned To field in tracking, timeline milestones that are not assigned to the user that you’ve searched for will now appear in grey, allowing you to more clearly see what is assigned to the user.

  • If Size and/or Colorway aren’t configured on a tracking timeline, their respective columns no longer appear on the Add Available Styles screen.

  • New “Show Colorway Only” option when adding styles or materials to a tracking folder allows you to filter out the “NA - NA” option so that you can more quickly select all colors if you wish.

  • Style or Material level apps are no longer required to be configured into the tracking timeline in order to add to Request-Level Techpacks.

  • Maximum number of Tracking View tabs increased to 10.