Release 4.2

In this release we are introducing the Style Groups App to synchronize pages between a group of styles, improved usability when creating multiple styles at once, added video support for fit comments, and more! Read on to learn more, as always, feel free to reach out to us if you’d like help implementing any of these new features.


  • Style Grouping: A new app has made its way into the system to help you streamline your workflow for similar styles! The Style Group App has been added that allows you to group styles together and select apps to keep synchronized.

    • Ability to Group and Synchronize for the following apps: Form App, Form & Images App, Table/Grid App, Table/Grid & Images App, Form & Table/Grid App, Image List App, Measurement App, Multi-Size Measurement App, Text & Images App

    • For any apps that you’ve chosen to include in the group, you can update those apps on any single style in the group and the change will flow through to the other styles.

    • When creating multiple styles at once, if the Group Style app is installed for the style type, you will see a “Group Style” toggle on the Create New Style screen.

    • In Admin, you can select certain apps to automatically link when creating a style group from the style create screen.

    • When pushing measurements from a sample app to the Measurements apps, you will now see a “Group Styles” column listing the latest measurements instead of the sample app name, letting you know that the measurements are shared with other styles.

  • Video Support for Fit Comments: Videos can now be added to the Fit Photos tab in your sample apps, allowing you to share videos of fit issues with your partners. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a video could be worth a billion!

  • Swap Size Range for Multi Size Measurement Apps: You can now swap size ranges in your Multi Size Measurement Apps, allowing you to change from an Alpha to Numeric size range in a jiffy.

  • 3D Style Block Files: Select Button has been added under the Working Files area in the 3D Style’s Development page which will allow you to pull in 3D Asset files from Blocks in your Blocks folder.

  • GLTF 3D Viewer Lighting Updates:

    • Ability to toggle Fixed Lighting Position

    • New Auto-Rotate feature added

    • New Lighting Options to preview how your garment will look under various lightings

    • Adjust Exposure Slider

    • Skybox Environment

    • 3D Panning Improvements

  • Improved Grid When Creating Records en Masse: We’ve updated the grid when creating Styles/Images/Materials/etc in mass to make it easier to update each row’s data.



  • VStitcher Headless upgraded to support latest version of Browzwear.

  • Users with Read Only permissions no longer have the ability to open dropdown menus or to modify fields (previously they could modify, but not save the changes).

  • In Boards, when adding a material colorway to a Board, if there is no image present for the colorway, the solid color chip will now be added in its place.

  • Users will no longer receive a notification on Tasks or Messages when they are starred or unstarred.



  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from searching by Colorway-Level multi-select dropdowns in Tracking.

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused an error message to appear on Revisions App pages.

  • Resolved a UI issue that prevented all styles on a Line Sheet from showing on a page.

  • Addressed issue where new page name was lost when creating a new page in a Board.

  • Resolved an issue that caused extremely large images to be cut off or split into multiple pages on techpacks.

  • Fixed issue that prevented user names from appearing in the “Who is Online” area of the Inbox for some users.